Log Harvestor

The MODERN log management platform for startups and SMBs

Simplify your development stack with fully managed logging.


Inherently Different

Instead of being strung to logging in strings -- harness the power of object-oriented-logging using JSON.


Simplicity meets Flexibility

  • Zero Config 🛠 Required
  • Just send logs & Log Harvestor does the rest!👌
  • Automated backup, indexing, rotation, and parsing
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    Real-Time Metrics & Alerting

  • See logs 🌲 from all your sources in real-time
  • Create filters & alerts to keep you focused.🧠

  • Developer Experience

    Perfect for teams & devs at any stage

    Blazin' Fast

    How are we able to be so fast? Log Harvestor is built lean and scalable using the most modern tools 🛠 - Traditional logging just can't keep up!
    Super Easy to Use!

    No degree required! Easy to set up - Zero config dashboards - Minimalistic design.
    Powerful Features

    We focus on features that devs and product owners actually want, not flashy gotchas that never get used!

    Log Harvestor believes in transparent pricing - No hidden fees - No extra costs - Just simple flat-rate pricing

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